– a personal playground and test site

At this site a lot of different things are tested (such as: APIs, search algorithms, dynamic color schemes, SEO, information structures, performance in general, various features, hosting solutions, WordPress plugins and themes etc., etc.).

Features and content are created for my personal amusement and/or use – and may not be of value to you. It includes whatever I find interesting (or found interesting while intoxicated), annoying features, absolutely useless crap, outdated material, garbage and plain old stupidity. Features may be incomplete, inaccurate, broken, insane, unstable and/or dysfunctional… you get the picture.

Expect nothing … If you don’t find what you are looking for, search somewhere else…

If you DO find what you need…. that’s great! You may consider yourself a lucky person 😉

Lucky or not… I wish you a great day!

About me

  • Inventor of forklift curling
  • Spiritual leader and motivational speaker
  • Dad and husband
  • Entrepreneur
  • Company owner
  • … and more

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